Our Story

From the Ground Up

Founded by two sisters who are lifelong foodies and travel buffs, Seed was conceived to bridge the gap between fast food and a gourmet restaurant. Our purpose is to serve those who want good quality and delicious meals, without the fuss or guilt that sometimes comes with a restaurant experience. From the safety and comfort of your home or office, order now to get your gourmet meal of choice delivered to you hassle-free!

Happiness Starts in the Kitchen

Seed was created not just for the convenience but also for the experience of eating high-quality delicious meals anywhere. Busy as we may be, ours is still a generation that values the memory of the kitchens we grew up with. So think of Seed as your parent/partner/cook (if they were a professionally trained chef) serving you lovingly crafted packed meals on-demand.

The Seed Sisters

Working in the food industry was a given for the Seed sisters. Monica, the older sister and the Head Chef, deserves all the credit for the magic that happens in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Gabbi is the Official Taste-Tester, among other things like Head of Marketing and Delivery Operations. Both sisters enjoy eating well- both for taste and well-being. They believe that guilt should never follow a delicious meal. Needless to say, they are Seed’s target market, and they’re banking on the fact that they’re not the only ones!

From seed to Seed

All along the supply chain, Seed strives to support sustainable initiatives from sourcing ingredients from NGOs for local farmers to buying organic when possible. Even the packaging of your order is made from bagasse, a bi-product of sugarcane! So after devouring your meals, you can toss those biodegradable bowls in the trash, saving you the stress of doing the dishes or the worry of adding waste to the environment!