Terms & Conditions

By accessing the pages in www.seedmanila.com, you agree to these Terms or any amendments that we may add at any time.  Your continued use of the website after such changes confirms your consent to them. By accepting these Terms, you also understand and agree to Seed’s Privacy Policy, which is integrated into these Terms and Conditions. Seed requires anyone younger than 18 years old, but older than 13, to go through these Terms and Conditions with their parent or legal guardian so that they understand and consent to the Terms. Anyone younger than 13 years old should not use this site, as it is only intended for 13 years old and above.


While the website may be accessed by anyone, the services are exclusively available to only certain offices within Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  Seedmanila.com is accessible to our customers 24/7. However, external factors may affect its availability, such as internet speed, the compatibility with certain devices or software, regular maintenance checkups, and other unforeseen circumstances. In addition, we do have the right to change, update, modify, make unavailable any part of our online services without prior notice.

When using our website, Seed may exercise exclusivity of our services and products during our identification and screening process, which takes place when a customer creates an account. This is due to the limited delivery routes and reach of our delivery trucks. As the company grows, we will be able to accommodate more individuals and companies around Metro Manila, but the rate at which we grow will solely be at our own discretion.

Menu and products

Seed offers a weekly changing menu, which is also limited in quantity, and therefore cannot guarantee the availability of  a particular dish at any given time.  When a dish becomes unavailable, it will either not appear among the Menu’s options or will be tagged as ‘Sold Out.’

There may be some discrepancies between the  appearance of the dish when viewed on our website and the delivery of said dish. This is due to factors such as the availability of ingredients and the length of time during delivery.

For now, request for modifications to the menu are not permitted due to health, safety and efficiency reasons.


We offer different payment methods including online payments made through third party providers, cash on delivery, or GCash. If you choose an online payment method, you will be redirected to a secure page of our third party iPay88’s payment platform. Seed will not have any access to the information or details you input on that page; it is an exclusive exchange between you and the said third parties. Therefore, Seed will not be held liable should any theft or data misuse take place.

In order to protect against fraud, our third party providers will not accept payments made by suspicious credit or debit cards. We reserve the right to cancel or void any payments that are flagged by the security screening system.

Furthermore, any aging or pending payments will be automatically cancelled after 7 business days or if selected date/time is within 2 hours of the selected delivery time.

Senior Citizen/PWD discount

If you are a senior citizen or a PWD, our service is not yet fully equipped with the functionality that allows you to avail of your discount online. Therefore, if you wish to do so please call us at 02-358-3473 so we can assist you.


We are  available for delivery between 10am and 6pm, Mondays to Fridays. We are determined to deliver your meal at your requested time slot, however, this is not a guaranteed time. There is a possibility of your delivery arriving earlier or later than expected due to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.

If your order has been received by another person, we will get his/her name and signature to acknowledge receipt. However, we will not be able to control what happens to your order after it has been received, so the quality of your food will be the responsibility of the receiver.

Return and Refund Policy

You may return the items and request for replacement if you are highly unsatisfied with your order by reason of extremely substandard quality. You will be required to return the dish uneaten so we may investigate on what went wrong. We can compensate you for this inconvenience by sending a replacement dish, which may or may not be the same dish you first ordered. As a policy, we cannot give refunds for such cases.

However, if you have received an incorrect order that you would like to return, we can issue you a refund with Seed credit worth the same price. Alternatively, we could also deliver the correct dish at another requested time. Full refunds in cash,  card or Gcash is not possible.

Cancellation Policy

Seed has the right to cancel an order at any time due to typographical or unforeseen errors that result in the product(s) on the website being listed inaccurately. You also have the right to cancel your order if it is at least 2 hours in advance of your chosen delivery time. If it is within two hours, we will not be able to cancel it because we, most likely, will already be cooking and preparing your order for dispatch. If you wish to cancel before the two hour limit, please contact us during working hours at our landline (02-358-3473), and we can issue a refund.

This cancellation policy, however, does not apply to catering orders for meetings, which we would have purchased the ingredients for several days in advance. In this instance, we cannot allow cancellations of the order, and full payment is required. However, we can be flexible to a change of date and time if the meeting has been moved. You are required to let us know at least 24 hours in advance if there are any modifications to your order.

User Conduct

Customers can order via its website (and later on the app) at www.seedmanila.com. However, when you access our website, you agree to follow existing traffic and safety laws and regulations, especially when accessing our online services from your vehicle.

In a bid to protect all our customers and colleagues, you may not impersonate anyone else’s identity, access another person’s account, or act in a way that is untruthful, defamatory, violent, hateful, abusive, unlawful and offensive online and offline. We reserve the right to monitor and investigate your conduct on our online services, and if necessary, remove you from it, without prior notice to you, if you choose to break these basic moral codes.

In addition to the respect required from you towards other members of our community, you must also exercise similar respect towards our company. For instance, you may not copy, distribute, manipulate,  reproduce, modify, sell, resell, reverse engineer, cause any harm or steal any data, services or products from Seed.


Seed is committed to protecting customer privacy on our website. Any information you supply to us when using our website will be used in accordance with the law, and will not be published or made public at any given time. However, the content you supply to us may be studied to improve our services, food and marketing efforts.


We urge you to keep your account and passwords secure at all times, which is your responsibility as a user. Seed will not be liable if someone gains illegal access to your account or impersonates you without your consent. So please never reveal your username and password on paper, on the computer or to another person.


Seed may sometimes create promos through discounts and  promo codes. These codes may not be used in an unlawful manner, for instance you may not duplicate, sell, transfer, or publish the codes in a public space. These promos cannot be exchanged for cash and may expire after some time.

Business Transfers

If Seed, for any reason, was acquired by or merged to another entity or becomes bankrupt, all of its assets including user data will be automatically assumed by the other party. The use of these assets will be at the sole discretion of the acquiring company.

Limitations on Liability

Seed will not be liable to any damages, injury or sickness caused by our service or products. We are also not liable for any damages that may be caused by any inaccuracies in our communications, marketing or digital platforms. Nevertheless, we go through great lengths to ensure due diligence is ensured on our part to prevent this from happening.

Laws and Dispute Settlement

These terms will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. All legal actions arising from transactions with Seed shall be brought exclusively to the courts of the city of Makati, to the exclusion of all others